Kalis is a luxury athletic wear that offers a balance between technical performance and fashionable casual wear.

Due to the dynamic nature of city life, an urban lifestyle should be able to adapt to new innovations occurring around us. Kalis represents the person who strives for an active lifestyle, is excited by discovery, and always looking for new ways to challenge themselves. Life in the city never stops, which is why setting goals to find a healthy balance are important to daily living and enables you to find the personal time for the appropriate amount of exercise to meet your body’s physical needs.

Kalis Activewear is designed to reflect the strength of individuals who pursue an active lifestyle communicated through unique patterns that represent comfort, efficiency, and vigorous personality. The Kalis brand is a blend of unique design features inspired by striking contemporary architecture and advanced technology to achieve active wear appropriate to city-dwelling. All apparel is designed and produced under processes that meet and exceed international standards.

With its refined approach, from material selection to the minute details of design, Kalis Activewear offers not only a product, but a way of living that effectively combines athletic functionality with feminine charm.

Kalis Activewear is the ideal choice for people who live an active
lifestyle and would like to stand out. Our limited stock means that
each piece comes with ample personality and is designed to create an
infatuating impression. Take your normal exercise routine to the next
level with Kalis and represent who you are beyond the gym.